Har ride
chain ki

Bike Insurance hai aapke

faayde ki baat

Your bike is dear to you, and that's not the only reason why you must have a bike insurance. For one, it is required by the law and saves you from being fined. Secondly, your bike is covered for any garage repair expenses caused by accidents, and your savings are saved!

Bike insurance hone ke itne faayde, that you'll always ride befikar.

  • Ride with pride

    A bike insurance is mandatory. Always stay on the right side of the law, and be a proud rider!

  • Ride worry-free

    Stay worry-free from causing accidents; third-party damages will be covered by your insurance policy!

  • Easy renewals, online as well

    Renewing your bike insurance is an easy process, you can also renew online.

  • Stay theft-proof

    Your bike insurance provides you financial coverage in case of theft.

  • Easy on your pocket

    Your insurance premiums are as affordable as a yearly subscription to your daily newspaper.

  • Avail personal accident cover

    Get a personal accident cover for damages caused to your bike in an accident.

  • Avail cashless benefit

    Select garages also offer cashless benefits, so you are protected from making any out-of-pocket payments.

  • Avail on-road assistance

    When your bike breaks down anywhere on the road, you can get quick assistance from your insurer.

  • Save on your income tax

    Your bike insurance premiums are eligible for tax deductions under section 80D of the Indian Income Tax Act.

  • Enjoy no-claim bonus

    Earn no-claim bonus for not claiming anything during a policy year, offered by select insurers. Enjoy discounted premium when you renew!