General Insurance ke low premium se bachat rahe surakshit.

Har saans chain ki, with
General Insurance always stay worry-free!

General Insurance ke
saath, rahe faaydemand har roz.

General Insurance

Hai aapke faayde ki baat

Protect all that’s precious to you - your health, your home, your car, and more. With General Insurance in your hands, stay insured against any losses incurred from unforeseen events.

All you need to pay is an affordable premium, and enjoy benefits every day.

Types of

General Insurance

  • Get the best healthcare treatment before, during and after hospitalization.
  • Avail cashless medical treatment at any hospital near you.
  • Protect yourself and your family from a range of lifestyle diseases.
  • Diagnostic tests, day-care surgeries, health check-ups are all covered.
  • Save on your income tax; your premiums are eligible for tax deductions.
  • Ride with pride, as you're always on the right side of the law.
  • Damaged parts or garage repairs, everything is comprehensively covered.
  • Stay worry-free as it covers even third-party damages.
  • Low premiums and easy renewals that can be made online as well.
  • Avail hassle-free and maximum claim settlement.
  • Drive with confidence and pride for being a responsible citizen.
  • Protect your car from accidents, vandalism, floods and more.
  • From headlight to taillight, all parts are covered for damage or repairs.
  • Get cover for third party accident losses/liability due to injury.
  • Avail cashless claim settlement in major service centers.
  • Protect your home from theft, flood, fire or any natural/manmade disasters.
  • Not just your home structure, every household item is also covered.
  • Premiums are affordable and flexible to be paid as per the ticket size.
  • Protect your expensive large and small electronic appliances and gadgets.
  • Protect your belongings against burglary.



The Council comprises member companies from a range of reputed non-life insurance firms.

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